When I first learned about trading my main search was for the best Forex strategy / system.

All I was interested was in a powerful and lucrative system that could make me wealthy trading Forex.

After some time reality kicked in and I realized that no matter how good the strategy was I was still a crap trader with a huge hole in my wallet!

Unfortunately many rookie traders experience the same results as I did when I was a rookie.

As you gain experience you realize that no matter how good the strategy is, you will fail IF you do not FIRST learn how the markets truly work.

In many occasions it has nothing to do with the strategy and everything to do with the trader.

For example, let's say for just one moment that Iaved you the keys to my BMW and told you it was "powerful, fast and easy to drive."

Now imagine for just one moment that you had never driven a car before in your life and that to top it off you did not understand the road "signals and rules".

How well do you think you would do?

Would you enjoy the ride?

Would it be simple?

Would you drive it perfectly?

Of course not! You would be sweating, nervous and certainly crashing the thing into a wall or something!

Now, is it the cars fault or the drivers?

Well it is exactly the same for trading. You need to first understand HOW the markets work and why they move. You must learn how to interpret supply and demand, institutional order flow and momentum if you want to make it into this highly lucrative business.

In essence, you need a foundation. Once you get it, you can do amazing things not many people would believe possible. Once acquainted the trading skill, it truly is yours for life.

From then on you become a "wealth creating machine" that no matter how bad the economy gets, you still pump out consistent profits like clockwork.

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