Soon we will be pushing flash movies, coupons, MP3 files, good-old text and god knows what else to our cell phones by pointing their tiny built-in cameras to a QR Code, taking a snapshot, and then pressing the SEND button.

A QR (from "Quick Response") Code can store a dozen to a few hundred times more data than a barecode.

Since it can be programmed both vertically and horizontally, a QR Code can be 90% smaller than a barcode.

QR Codes can be read from any direction. They do not need to be aligned perfectly like a barcode in order to be read correctly.

Data can be restored even if QR code is damaged or torn partially. Data from a torn barcode can not be retrieved.

The revolution is already well underway in Japan and it's just a matter of time before it reaches the American shores.

Imagine, you are at the supermarket. You see an odd looking bottle of something on the shelf with a QR Code on it.

You point your cell phone camera at it, take a snapshot and push SEND and presto!

Soon you are watching a video about how to use the product, its benefits, complete with a 15% discount coupon that you can use right there at the same store!

McDonald's in Japan has already started tagging their food packages with QR Codes so that the consumers can download all sorts of nutrition information with their cell phones.

Welcome to the 21st century and make all your marketing plans accordingly.

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